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Anurai Necklace
Item Information
Na'vi Name

fkxile, 'bib necklace'



Used by





Coppery brown

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

Toruk - The First Flight promotional website

The Anurai Necklace is a symbol of friendship among the clan. It is usually a gift from weaver to recipient. Each necklace begins its journey around the neck of the friend who made it. Giving the necklace to another is a ritual of devotion whereby two members stand face to face with their foreheads pressed together. The necklace is then slid up over one's head and carefully transferred around the neck of its new owner. The necklace may be passed on from one member to the next, representing an endless line of connectivity within the clan.[1]

Materials and ConstructionEdit

The necklace is handwoven as tightly as the bond of platonic adoration it represents.



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