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This exhibition is an ideal way to share new and exciting insights into life on Pandora - Steve Moster, president of GES
Avatar - Global Exhibition
General Information

Fall 2016


Global Tour

Avatar - Global Exhibition is an upcoming traveling exhibition focusing around the world seen in the Avatar franchise.


The exhibition was preceded by a North American exclusive simply entitled Avatar - The Exhibition, which toured across the US and Canada in 2011-14, a venture by EMP. The global successor however is unrelated to the EMP-led precursor, and is instead the product of a 2015 deal between Twentieth Century Fox, Lightstorm Entertainment and Global Experience Specialists. GES usually cater for more stately affairs such as corporate events, but in the past they have also covered entertainment-oriented shows such as the tenth anniversary exhibition for the Halo franchise.[1] Avatar - The Global Exhibition was unveiled on the 23rd of April, 2015 in an article on PR Newswire.[2]


The exhibition will cover a 10,000 square foot area (0.2 acres) with interactive displays that highlight Pandora. The event will frame Pandora in a real-world context, as though it was a real place that could be visited and explored. The 45 minute tour will include:

  • Information on the Alpha Centauri System and the challenges of space travel to reach it from Earth.
  • A Bioluminescent Theater, where visitors experience a recreation of Pandora at night and learn about its beauty, danger and the Pandoran Neural Network.
  • An Amplified Mobility Platform suit for guests to step inside.
  • an investigation of Na'vi culture depicted through careful reproductions, and their connections with nature.
  • More than a dozen hands-on interactive components that will appeal to everyone from the most avid fan to newcomers to this compelling world.



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