Weapon Information

Blade, Blunt

Used by

Na'vi - to pierce thick armor

Manufactured in


Manufactured by


Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Using jaw bones of fallen creatures to line the "blade" of this weapon, the various Na'vi axes are a lethal mix of blunt force and sharp trauma. They are excellent for use against thick armor.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

Shaped wood, one edge set with a large animal tooth, the top edge set with a shaped and sharpened mineral. It is also decorated with language symbols honoring Eywa.


  • Ikran Atusawng (Divine Banshee)
  • Nantangä Nguway (Viperwolf Howl)
  • 'Angtsìkä Kxll (Charge of the Hammerhead)
  • Torukä Tìtspang (The Kill of the Leonopteryx)


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