Baby Carrier
Item Information
Na'vi Name

Iveh k'nivi s'dir


Various lengths, usually no shorter than 4 meters of stripping to allow for complete wrapping

Used by



Carrying infants

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


The baby carrier (Na'vi name: iveh k'nivi s'dir) is a carrier used for carrying infants by the Na'vi.



A woman with a baby carrier in the film.

A tight frontal wrap keeps Na'vi infants close to their mothers' or fathers' bodies. The carrier keeps babies warm and allow the parents to run, climb, and carry out domestic activities. The wrap also helps socialize Na'vi children, who are face-to-face with their parents from their first days and thus learn appropriate facial cues and gestures, as well as language.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

Soft sturmbeest leather with fur, cut in strips, tanned and softened.


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