Banshee Bow
Banshee Bow
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James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

The banshee bow is primarily designed to be used in battle from the back of a banshee in flight.


The bow is a composite design made from horn, decorated with banshee motifs and markings, most likely to personalize the bow for the rider and make the bow more aesthetically pleasing. The handle is made from woven fiber adhered with a plant based glue. The string is made from gut and is decorated with small beads. The very light threads on the string can help determine wind direction for a stationary shot. The low hand grip and shorter base of the bow allows for easy change of position while in the saddle, making sure that no maneuverability is lost with the transition of the bow across the banshee. Additionally, the lower part of the bow stays clear of the banshee. It includes its own quiver to hold arrows, enabling the rider to more easily draw an arrow and aim, and is located at the joint of either the left or right wing (riders preference for which side) to the body of the banshee.

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James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide pg 63

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