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Banshee Queue Harnesses (Na'vi name: Eywa te' [name] tan'sey mak'ta meaning "the love of Eywa's embrace is gifted to [name]") are used as a bridle system to hold Na'vi queues and banshee antennae out of the way of the rider and the rider's weapons. The name of this item is an acknowledgement of the beauty of connecting with the consciousness of another living creature such as a banshee or direhorse. Size is varied, and depends on the size of both the banshee and rider. Banshee queue harnesses are made out of tightly woven tensile fibers, plant sinew, and leather. One harness may take several months to construct.

All Na'vi who have bonded with a banshee must construct a harness. The harness is used to keep the bonding queues in a rearward direction for quick and easy access. The banshee antenna is interlaced with the Na'vi queue, which sheathes the Na'vi antenna, to form a neural bond, this allows the rider and their banshee to fly in perfect coordination.

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