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Item Information
Na'vi Name

Feru m'predu'k



Used by



Storage and transportation of food and materials

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


Most Na'vi woven baskets (Na'vi name: feru m'predu'k) incorporate a design reminiscent of the Terran Chinese fighter puzzles. They are used mainly for transportation of food and materials, and they come in an array of sizes. They are made from a system of complex weaves made from flax-like leaves (including razor palm), a wooden plug, twine, and beads. The basket's opening and its wooden plug become tighter and more secure as more pressure is applied; when a basket is hung or carried by the plug, it remains sealed, and its contents secure. To open the basket, one simply pushes down on the plug to be released. A variety of Na'vi baskets share a common design.[1] For example, the Water Carrier One.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

Complex weave made from flax-like leaves, wooden plug, twine, and beads. [2]


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