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  • SecOps Lance Corporal
  • Explosive Specialist
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Bumper Robinson

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Batista is a character in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. Batista is one of the SecOps's top explosive specialists. If it goes BOOM, it probably has Batista's fingerprints on it. Nicknamed Boom Boom, Batista secured his reputation soon after arriving on Pandora when he was assigned to dislodge a floating rock from a planned transport route. Determined to make more of the task, Batista set his explosives to dislodge a large swath of floating rocks that drifted into a collage of mountains high above the roadway now known colloquially as Batista's Pass. He wears Titan Armor.

Of all the RDA SecOps characters, Batista seems to be the most lighthearted and upbeat of them all, as evidenced by his optimistic, gung-ho attitudes and tone when talking to Ryder. For example, when giving Ryder orders to kill Swawta, a Na'vi leader in the Plains of Goliath, Batista jokes, "I need you to make Swawta go TATA!" Also, upon killing Swawta and reporting this success back to Batista, Ryder tells Batista to hold off on his explosives until he can at least be out of the massive blast radius; Batista eagerly replies that he "can't make any promises."

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