Beta Line
Beta Line
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Beta Line is an area in the south of the Plains of Goliath. It is one of the four defensive zones used by the RDA in the region. Much like Gamma Line, Beta Line is an area of constant clashes between the RDA and the Na'vi. There are a total of six ruined Samsons scattered around the area in various states of disrepair. It is connected directly to Gamma Line and Alpha Line, as well as Nen Na'ay Village via the cliff in the far west.

Avatar: The Game Edit

Able Ryder passed through the area on his way to kill Winslow in Battlefield HQ.

However, if allied with the RDA, Ryder passes through this area in order to kill Hukato in the outlying Na'vi village on orders from Winslow. Ryder is successful in slaying Hukato and travels back to the Battlefield HQ to inform Winslow of his target's termination.

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