Bleeding Rocks
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Bleeding Rocks is an area in the center of the Grave's Bog region and is connected to Sniper's Point in the south. The area is a clearing surrounded by high cliffs and baja ticklers. There are a series of large pools with vein pods around the shorelines. The north western section is much narrower and is home to a large number of viperwolves. There is also a couple of enormous Na'vi structures with a triangle of fabric suspended over the forest floor. In the north, the path follows the riverbed and leads into Windwash.

Avatar: The Game Edit

Able Ryder was driven through the area on the gun turret of a Swan while attempting to lure sturmbeest away from Camp Zulu. At one point, the engine failed and he had to defend the vehicle from Na'vi forces while the driver frantically struggled to fix the engine. Eventually, the driver successfully restarted the Swan's engine and drove away from the area, luring more sturmbeest further away.

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