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Entanglement weapon

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Roughly 1 kilogram


Usually more than 1 meter

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A bola is a Na'vi entanglement weapon for hunting.


The bola weights are made from very hard polished seeds of a slightly concave shape; they stack lightly in a woven pouch, with Hometree motif, made from plant fiber. Bola string is found around the inner edge.

Tipani Bola

Tipani Bola

Mastery of the bola, which involves accurately flinging the weighted rope for up to ten meters, is an integral part of Na'vi life. Children begin to practice the skill at a young age, years before they join in actual hunts. The bola is a simple weapon that, in the right hands, can drop a sturmbeest at full gallop. When the target is hit, the strands are wrapped around the animal and used as a method of constraint. It is used to ensnare prey and as a defense against attacking animals. The Na'vi employ this weapon when they want to ensnare an animal rather than kill it outright (viperwolves, for example, will be restrained whenever possible, even if they are attacking). The bola has hooks that catch on the rope after wrapping around the animal.


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