Botanical Speciment Receptacle
Botanical Specimen Receptacle
Machine Information
Created by

RDA and possibly their predecessors[1]

Used by



Preservation of samples


exact size unknown


exact speed unknown

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Pandora ROVR

A Botanical Specimen Receptacle is a small box used to transport samples from the surface of Pandora to orbit after collection by a ROVR. At least one of these, a BC-41 model, was deployed in 2084 as part of the ROVR landings on Pandora. The landings were enacted by the ISV Venture Star and ISV Bradbury. It bears great similarity to the specialised Soil Sampler. The serial number for the device in question was 871554001.[2]

References Edit

  1. According to a propaganda poster, the RDA had only been active on Pandora for 25 years by 2154. ROVRs were in use as early as 2084, according to the game Pandora ROVR. RDA logos are however present in the interface.
  2. Pandora ROVR's ingame pandorapedia

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