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Bows are a symbol of adulthood and all the responsibility that entails, but they also serve as primary hunting weapons for the Na'vi. When a Na'vi has become an adult member of the tribe they are allowed to carve a bow from the wood of the Hometree.


  • Taronyuä Tsko (Hunter Bow) - Taronyu Tsko Bow (multiplayer)
  • Tsamsiyuä Tsko (Warrior Bow) - Palulukanä Srew Bow (multiplayer)
  • Eyktanä Tsko (Bow of the Leader) - Toruka Way Bow (multiplayer)
  • Nawmtuä Tsko (Bow of the Great) - 'Angtsìka Zawng Bow (multiplayer)
  • Rawke Bows
  • Warlord Bow - A rare Na'vi Bow, used by legendary warriors.
  • Anurai Ceremonial Bow - Obtaining the ceremonial bow was a rite of passage to Anurai hunters. For when an Anurai hunter had successfully connected with a Thanator, he was given wood from the Anurai Hometree so that he could craft his own bow.
  • Li'ona Bow - As a reward for helping the Li'ona, the Elders gift Rai'uk with a bow made from the wood of their Hometree.
  • Anurai Sacred Bow - Rai'uk found the Sacred Bow amidst the ruins of his village. Crafted from the Anurai Hometree and like the Sacred Staff, it was passed down from Chief to Chief.

Bow Talents (Wii/PSP)Edit

Wii Bow Skills

Upper SectionEdit

  • Arrow Damage - 750
  • Knock Back Arrow - 1000
  • Quick Draw - 1250
    • Arrow Heavy Damage - 3000
  • Accuracy - 1750
  • Iron Will - 2500

Lower SectionEdit

  • Accuracy - 750
  • Bow Dodge - 1000
    • Stun Arrow - 1250
    • Quick Draw - 1750
    • Augment Stun Arrow - 2500
  • Accuracy - 1250
  • Arrow Damage - 1750
  • Mine Sweeper - 2500