CARB Submachine Gun
CARB Submachine Gun
Weapon Information

Submachine gun (SMG)

Used by
Manufactured in
Manufactured by

Matanza Arms Corp.

  • 2.9 kilograms (unloaded)
  • 3.4 kilograms (loaded)

490 millimeters

Behind the scenes
First appearance


The CARB Submachine Gun is a submachine gun manufactured by Matanza Arms Corp. On Pandora, the gun is used inside 'the wire' by Security Operations as well as being issued to pilots and vehicle drivers.


The CARB submachine gun features a gas operated, revolving breech design. Firing 600 rounds per minute with an ammunition of 6.2x35mm, the CARB submachine gun can fire on semiautomatic and full automatic. The CARB also accentuates a magazine capacity of 80 rounds in a disposable plastic box magazine with a built in ammo counter.


Assembled in a bullpup (action and ammo behind trigger) design, the CARB submachine gun can be fitted with a foregrib, laser and scope.


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