Na'vi canoe
Item Information
Na'vi Name

Nek'tum tsyahnee s'ashk'ey


5m long, 70cm wide



Used by


  • Fishing
  • Transportation

Light tan

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

Avatar (film)

The Na'vi canoe (Na'vi name: nek'tum tsuyahnee s'ashk'ey) is a simple one piece water craft propelled by use of paddle. Like many aspects of Na'vi culture, the canoe is social as well as functional. It is used by the Na'vi for transportation, but mainly for the purpose of fishing.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

Na'iv Canoe

Canoe in the movie

The canoe is made by carving out the center of a single piece of hardwood, usually taken from the unidelta tree, and has woven straps made from sturmbeest leather that are used as seats in the water and as straps for carrying it out of the water. Diagonally crossed staps within the canoe are used to fasten carried items. Leaves from the episoth tree containing tannins are used to line the shallow bowl of the canoe to preserve fish and game, keeping it fresh until the Na'vi have returned home with it.


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