Cell samples are spinning non-solid objects found in James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. The player can collect cell samples to fill the recovery bar. Filling the recovery bar with 10 cell samples will grant an extra life, and gives a chance to survive a fatal injury. However, the player can only hold up to 5 extra lives at a time and can't recover from certain long falls. To pick up the cell sample, stand next to it and press the interact button.

  • RDA - Cell samples appear as spinning yellow RDA logos. They can be collected from slain Na'vi, animals and plants.
  • Na'vi - Cell samples appear as blue spinning ikran logos. They can be collected from slain RDA troops, destroyed vehicles and equipment. Able Ryder, when sided with the RDA, gets a second chance to join the Na'vi; he/she must then collect the Na'vi one to join the Na'vi, or the RDA one to stay allied with the RDA.
  • Plant - Cell samples can be collected by the Na'vi and Avatars to fill the recovery bar and also to replenish arrows.

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