Conquest Overview

The Conquest metagame is a turn-based strategy mini-game in the PC and console versions of Avatar: The Game. The player commands troops in a conquest of Pandora, leading either the Na'vi or the RDA depending on their allegiances ingame.

The game can be entered at any GMI Unit or Tree of Vision, again depending on the allegiances of the player. Upon entering, credits are given to the player based on the amount of experience points they have gained since they last played. These points can be used to purchase various upgrades for territories, or new units. There are three classes of unit; infantry (RDA grunts and Na’vi warriors), heavy infantry (AMP suits and thanators) and aerial units (Samsons and banshees). At the start of a turn, the player may purchase upgrades and move their troops as they wish.

The moon is split into numerous territories, each of which will have its own garrison that needs to be defeated to capture it. The player decides on how many units they wish to commit to a battle from each class, and the results of the battle are calculated. Units attack their corresponding class first; for example, Samsons will always attack banshees if there are any on the enemy side. Units attacking alternate classes receive penalties, so it is advisbale to only attack with the same types. At the end of the round, the player needs to have at least 500 troops left in order to conquer the territory.

The opposing team may also attack on their round, so maintaining garrisons around borders is important.

Territories on Pandora Edit

Territories Locations (Basic game)
Palano Ytim / Nii Lotaya Equatorial Sea
Purgatory Marsh Australis
Ossean Wetlands Australis
Hunter's Recipte Australis
Glacero's Heart Australis
Toll Peninsula Australis
Ex-Inferis Dents Australis
Inner Shores Australis
Devil's Peaks Australis
Ossean Coast Australis
Eris'Swamps Equatorial Sea
Sakeh Equatorial Sea Torukä Na'rìng
Oki-uli Equatorial Sea
Bot'nigugu Equatorial Sea Needle Hills
D'guakegg Equatorial Sea Swotulu
Ehonyogol Equatorial Sea Blue Lagoon, Kxanìa Taw.
Needle Cape Equatorial Sea Grave's Bog
Torn Bridge Equatorial Sea FEBA, Vaderas Hollow
Doa Tana Equatorial Sea
Na-ki Equatorial Sea
Ugnach Equatorial Sea
Tha-Char Equatorial Sea Hell's Gate
U'enoth Northern Hemisphere
Nathothart Northern Hemisphere Iknimaya
G'urng Northern Hemisphere Hanging Gardens
M'oiagn Northern Hemisphere Plains of Goliath, Tantalus
Yothosham Northern Hemisphere
Aghaazs Northern Hemisphere
Lokephatena Northern Hemisphere
Kihogggul Northern Hemisphere
Osthalo Northern Hemisphere
Otantazaelin Northern Hemisphere Tipani Hometree
Gnolok-dhaac Northern Hemisphere
Great Ice Lake Northern Hemisphere
Blue's Meadow Northern Hemisphere
Kruleli Northern Hemisphere
Ggthame Northern Hemisphere
Azure Shoals Northern Hemisphere
Noend Woods Northern Hemisphere
Taegl-kisa Northern Hemisphere
Nyagulota-aki Northern Hemisphere
Procerus Falls Northern Hemisphere
Sorrow Gorge Southern Hemisphere
Lucifer's Point Southern Hemisphere
North Heartland Southern Hemisphere
Charon's Clater Southern Hemisphere
Seraph's Tears Southern Hemisphere
Discordia's Blade Southern Hemisphere
Devil's Pass Southern Hemisphere
Gothai Southern Hemisphere
Great Plains Southern Hemisphere
Salt Flats Southern Hemisphere
Archaeus Desert Southern Hemisphere
Ashen Meadows Southern Hemisphere
Frost Bay Southern Hemisphere
Shattered Glass Southern Hemisphere
Barta Neya Southern Hemisphere
Serenity Lakes Southern Hemisphere
Micca Pinelands Southern Hemisphere
Mikasso's Bay Southern Hemisphere
Mikasso's Falls Southern Hemisphere
Nelortagh Southern Hemisphere
Outskirts Southern Hemisphere
Chill Fields Southern Hemisphere
The Barrier Southern Hemisphere
Azure Ledge Southern Hemisphere
Palano Ytim / Nii Lotaya Southern Hemisphere


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