Controlled viperwolf

A controlled viperwolf.

Controlled animals

Device for taming the wild animals of Pandora.

Thanator Controlled

Thanator with a control mask

Be warned, some of the animals behave like demons. Your people have changed them. They no longer speak to Eywa.

- Amanti.

Controlled animals are the results from neurological experiments on various forms of fauna from the landscapes of Pandora.

The RDA has done various neurological experiments on the Pandoran animals in order to tame them. By putting some kind of device on the back of the animals the RDA has managed to control them. These animals lose their connection with Eywa and become very aggressive against the Na'vi. Most of this research has been done in the Rehabilitation Center in Torukä Na'rìng.

In GamesEdit

In James Cameron's Avatar: The Game the player has to fight controlled viperwolves and thanators, but scientists have also managed to control direhorses, hammerhead titanotheres, sturmbeests and banshees.

In the Nintendo DS version it is said that Dr. Anthony Ossman worked on the project to control animals.

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