Dr. Cordell Lovecraft was an RDA scientist who was given the task of carrying the “Dark Dreamer” project, which sought to transmit mental processes – “thoughts” – to humans at a distance, as well as interspecies mental communication.

Dr. Lovecraft worked with brain-wiped primates and condemned criminals and was able to demonstrate that full sensory bonding could be established between human twins, human-animal hybrids that shared common DeoxyriboNucleic Acid (DNA), and eventually human/Na'vi hybrids with "resonant" genetic DNA/NVTranscriptase blueprints.

Eventually the early Avatar Program succeeded in producing the first viable hybrids between completely unrelated species – a considerable achievement since, as Dr Lovecraft famously remarked, humans are “far more closely related genetically to garden slugs than to Na’vi.”

Dr. Lovecraft has been nominated for multiple Nobel prizes in biological sciences, but the nominations have invariably been withdrawn following protests from human rights organizations, the UN Pan-Faith Council, and animal rights activists.[1]


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