This article is about the site in Needle Hills. You may be looking for the site in Kxanìa Taw.
Crash Site
Crash Site
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Wrecked Samson2

The wrecked Samson Able Ryder arrived in.

The Crash Site is the location where Able Ryder and Kendra Midori crash landed in the Needle Hills. It is situated in the far north east of the region. There are two paths to the Viper Highlands, only one of which is marked on the game’s map. The second path is via two climbable plants and a journey across the river.

Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder and Kendra were mostly unharmed when they crash-landed, but their pilot was badly injured. Ryder headed to the Ignazu Mining Complex via the Viper Highlands to get medical help, but it was too late for the pilot. Using parts from the wrecked Samson, he was able to fix a Scorpion Gunship, and used it to destroy banshee nests in the surrounding area.


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