Direhorse rider bow
Direhorse Bow
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Used by
  • Na'vi - hunting or defending against enemies
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3.6 kilograms


3 meters

Behind the scenes
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Direhorse bows are weapons used by the Na'vi when riding direhorses.


After completion of Iknimaya and Uniltaron, each hunter is allowed to carve a bow from a branch of Hometree. These bows are a symbol of adulthood and its accompanying responsibilities. They also serve as the primary hunting weapon for Na'vi warriors. This ranged bow is highly decorated and is appropriate for use in ceremonies; it is crafted to the peak of Na'vi design but functions extremely well in situations when a bow is needed.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

The bow is made from shaped wood. Its handle is made from scaled animal skin adhered with a plant-based glue and additionally bound with decorative woven banding. The string is made from sturmbeest gut. Low hand grip and shorter base of bow allows for easy change of position while on the back of a direhorse.

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