Direhorse lead 1
3D Version: red/cyan, cross-eyed
Direhorse Lead
Item Information
Na'vi Name



Various, but head gear is roughly eighty centimeters long, thirty-five centimeters wide

Used by



Leading direhorse while dismounted.

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


The Direhorse Lead (Na'vi name: säzärìp[1]) is an application used by Na'vi riders to harness their mounts.

Various different styles of leads and their distinct woven decorations have been handed down by tradition. The lead is slipped loosely over the front of direhorse head. Unlike Terran leads, these are not used for steering the direhorse while riding. This lead is most commonly used when the rider has disconnected his or her queue and is walking the animal from one place to another.

Experienced Na'vi riders do not manually steer their horses, but rely instead on the neural link between animal and rider provided by their queues.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

The lead is constructed from various strong tensile fibers, plant sinew and animal leather. The elements are woven into a design that is both functional and ceremonial.



  1. derived from za’ärìp (=pull), see also:

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