Direhorse Tack
Item Information
Na'vi Name
  • Nost'ey gau'rai'li d'ir for full battle harness
  • Gau'rai'li d'ir for regular saddle and harness

Various, based on rider and direhorse

Used by



Saddle and harnesses for riding direhorses


Usually brown

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


Direhorse tacks are saddles and harnesses for riding direhorses. They are made of strong tensile fibers, plant sinew, animal leather and animal bone. Various designs come down through tradition. Different have widely different designs for tack. Tack can include quiver, saddlebags, saddle and streamers. Sizes can vary based on the rider and direhorse.


Pandorapedia - Direhorse Tack article

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