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A Drone is a computerized machine that destroys or neutralizes its target. There are four different kinds of drones in Avatar: The Game.

Types of DronesEdit

  • The Unmanned Targeting Drone (U-T Drone) is a computer-operated attack drone that scans a predefined region for irregular motion. If it detects any targets, the computer conducts a rapid scan. The presence of any unauthorized targets will initiate an attack sequence. The drone will seek out the target and detonate itself within proximity.
  • Roughly the size of a human, Patrol Drones provide excellent security with no risk to the soldiers. Each drone is equipped with an accurate gun.
  • The Electric Drone is a modified patrol drone that emits a powerful electrical charge to neutralize any intruder it finds.
  • The Alarm Drone is designed to sound an alarm when it finds an intruder. When the alarm sounds, reinforcements will soon arrive to investigate. It is also equipped with a gun to keep the target occupied.


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