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Empty Nest is a bowl-shaped depression in the centre of the Iknimaya region. It is connected to Ravhaya Span in the west, and sits below Ayawa Ikran and Iknimaya's Mouth. Until 2152 it housed a small RDA facility at its eastern end. The precise history of the area is unknown, but the name stems from a number of empty Ikran nests that cover the western end of the formation. Numerous Ikran corpses litter the floor of the bowl.

Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder passed through this region on his way to destroy the RDA guidance system in the area. He was able to mount explosives at the base of the fortification, and detonate the facility. Talking with Beyda'amo afterwards, he was directed towards the climb towards the Banshee Rookery. He later returned, during his descent.

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