Fish Yoke
Item Information
Na'vi Name

Neviri trohp'depu

  • 76cm wide
  • 3.5m high


Used by



Transporting fish


10 to 15kg (when loaded with fish)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


The fish yoke (Na'vi name: neviri trohp'depu) is a tool used to carry large amounts of fish between the river and the preparation area. It also works as an apron while moving fish. Hometree symbology is displayed on the front to honor the fish and reinforce the circle of life philosophy. When walking with one, the clatter sticks make a sound like wood wind chimes.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

They are made from wood, leather, grass, fiber twine and weave. The wood is first shaped or carved into yoke form. Smaller wood spikes are added and used as hooks to hold fish to the yoke. Woven materials are affixed to the yoke, and ceremonial clatter sticks are sewn to the bottom.


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