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GS-221 .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun

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GS-221 .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun
Weapon Information

Squad support weapon/Samson Tiltrotor door gun

Used by
Manufactured in
Manufactured by

IBSF Protection Solutions


11.79 kilograms (without ammo can)


1.346 meters

Behind the scenes
First appearance


The GS-221 .30 Caliber Light Machine Gun is one of the weapons used by the RDA on Pandora. It is manufactured by IBSF Protection Solutions, a multinational arms and ammunition dealer located in Stuttgart, Germany. It is used as a door gun for the Samson squad support aircraft. It is gas-operated, closed bolt, and uses a 7.62 (.30 caliber) WHTO round. The GS-221 can fire at up to 700 rounds per minute. It comes with two firing modes: fully-automatic and semi-automatic. The magazine is a barrel shape that holds a maximum of 100 rounds.


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