Gamma Line
Gamma Line
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Gamma Line is an area in the center of the Plains of Goliath. It is one of the four defensive zones used by the RDA in the region. The area is littered with wrecks of RDA machinery, including an AMP suit, a Samson and even a Dragon Assault Ship. It is connected to Beta Line in the south, Central Command in the east and Imswota in the west.

Avatar: The Game Edit

If allied with the Na'vi, Able Ryder passes through this area on his way to kill Batista in Central Command.

However, if allied with the RDA, Ryder passes through this area in order to kill Swawta in an outlying Na'vi village. Batista requests Ryder to terminate the target because Swawta's command of banshees hampered him from placing his trademark heavy demolition charges at various Na'vi positions throughout the Plains of Goliath.

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