Giant's Gape
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Giant's Gape is a large clearing in the Grave's Bog region. It is connected to Mowlaki Village in the south west and Acoustics Outpost in the west. It is a large clearing, populated mainly by viperwolves and hexapedes. At the east end, there are several waterfalls and a large gate which leads into Camp Zulu. There are two turrets mounted on the top of the gate.

Avatar: The Game Edit

Able Ryder travelled through the area whilst collecting unobtanium shards in the region. Shortly after he left Giant's Gape, a sturmbeest charged through the area and smashed into the west gate of Camp Zulu, accompanied by several Na'vi warriors. Fortunately, Ryder and the defending SecOps troops managed to repulse the attack on the west gate, killing both the rampaging sturmbeest and all Na'vi attackers.


  • The image on the loading screen for the region was taken from the Giant's Gape, looking through the gate into Camp Zulu.

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