Listen, kid... I don't agree with everything the RDA does.

- Gregorius to Nok after a chance meeting in the Distant Forest.

Dr. Gregorius
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game NDS

Dr. Gregorius is one of the few avatars on Pandora. He supports the local Na'vi, but does not want to break rules for them and still follows RDA orders.

Avatar: The GameEdit

Gregorius first used his avatar body in the science lab, Site 32, on the southern end of the Skycliffs. Dr. Ossman walked him through the process, while Nok watched through a ventilation shaft.

In the Distant Forest, Gregorius works near the river. He had a brief discussion with Nok, and helped him find the glow worm he was looking for in the area. He insisted that not all of the humans were bad.

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