Ground Rack
Item Information
Na'vi Name

Merki l'dit s'ey



Used by



Rack for smoking meats

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance


The ground rack (Na'vi name: merki l'dit s'ey) is a wooden structure used for smoking meats.


The Na'vi believe that it is vital to honor the animal who gave up its life for the good of the clan. For this reason, these ground racks never fall into a state of disrepair or uncleanliness that might indicate a lack of respect for both animal and hunter.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

Green wood is bent into bowed shapes, then held in shape by rope and twine. Arches of wood intersect the shapes to increase strength of the rack. They are then decorated with ceremonial seed pods. Wooden hooks used for meat are attached with twine to tops of arches.


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