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Hermit's Cove is a winding, canyon-like area in the northwestern section of the Iknimaya region. It is the only way to reach the Tomb, a cave at the northern end. Perhaps the most notable feature in the area is the large totem structure overlooking the cave. It can only be reached via a narrow cliff path from Vayaha Village. A tiny passage to the west leads into Ikran Veyatse; the route bedecked with strange adornments hanging overhead.

Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder passed through this region while looking for explosives to damage missile guidance systems. There was also a minor skirmish here between a handful of humans and Na'vi.


  • There is a single Na'vi warrior praying alone in front of the totem, the only known resident in the area. It is possible that this is the source of the location's name.

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