Hydra Armor
Hydra Armor
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SecOps soldiers

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Hydra armor is used by RDA SecOps soldiers on Pandora. Combining light-weight hard shell armor with robust biogenetic enhancements, the Hydra defense system offers excellent protection while maintaining high levels of mobility.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Edit

If Able Ryder sides with the RDA, Hydra Armor replaces Warthog Armor at the end of Ryder's time in the Needle Hills region. He also wears the armor for about 70% of his missions in the FEBA region. It is replaced by a stronger armor called Militum Armor in Stalker's Valley in the FEBA. Hydra Armor offers about 7.2/20 protection, 12/20 vitality, and 6.7/20 mobility. Hydra Armor is worn by by a few non-player RDA SecOps soldiers, although is less common than other armors such as Viper Armor or Centauri Armor, both of which are seen more often. Soldiers who wear this armor tend to wield Nail Guns. A notable character who wears mostly Hydra Armor is Savoy.

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