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Ikran People of the Eastern Sea
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A leader of the clan leading the Na'vi to battle.

The Ikran People of the Eastern Sea consist of one or more clans of Na'vi who live at the cliffs of the Eastern Sea and specialize in riding mountain banshees. It is unknown if these particular clans have any uses for direhorses.

One of the clans is led into battle by a female Na'vi in red war paint, portrayed by Alicia Vela-Bailey[1]. It can be speculated that she is the clan's leader. They are summoned by Jake Sully as Toruk Makto, and assist in the defense against the Assault on the Tree of Souls. Many of them die during the battle, but manage to destroy several of the RDA's vehicles.


  • "Ikran People of the Eastern Sea" and the "Kekunan Clan" may actually be titles that refer to the same clan.

References Edit

  1. Interview with Alicia Vela-Bailey

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