Kodiak Armor
Kodiak Armor
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SecOps soldiers

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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Kodiak armor is used by RDA SecOps soldiers on Pandora. This composite armor of reinforced plates guarantees optimum protection in the most volatile combat zones. The titanium-plated helmet with a built-in exopack allows for extended exposure to the hostile Pandoran atmosphere.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Edit

If Able Ryder sides with the RDA, he receives Kodiak Armor in the Grave's Bog region after he has completed about 30% of his missions. It replaces Militum Armor and is replaced itself by Exotant Armor, although Kodiak Armor offers better vitality and mobility than Exotant Armor and is overall the better choice when traversing the Pandoran jungle. Kodiak Armor offers about 17.5/20 protection, 18.8/20 vitality, and 13.2/20 mobility. It is worn by non-player RDA SecOps soldiers, particularly soldiers that wield Combat Shotguns and M60 Machine Guns.

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