Pandora ROVR Leaf Pitcher
Leaf Pitcher
Flora Information


Na'vi Name

'ampirikx - touch-move


Pseudocenia simplex

Behind the scenes
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The leaf pitcher (Na'vi name: 'ampirikx meaning "touch-move") is one of three large pitcher-shaped plants on Pandora. Each plant consists of one large leaf that is modified into a giant open funnel-shaped tube. The leaf pitcher is supported by a small root system. Like its relative the chalice plant, the leaf pitcher obtains most of its nutrition by digesting small animals rather than absorption from the soil. Animals are attracted to nectar inside the tube and land on the large leaf, which has evolved a sensitivity to touch. This thigmonastic movement causes the leaf to quickly coil around the unsuspecting animal, which is trapped and digested for absorption by the plant.

The giant leaves of leaf pitchers can be harvested and cleaned of the sticky nectar and enzyme residue inside and put to good use. Because of their large size, they make good tents and have the added feature of opening and closing in response to a light touch, reminiscent of an automatic garage door opening and closing.



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