Li'ona clan
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Only one member of Li'ona clan is known by name, Tasun. He helped Rai'uk, who crashed near his village after a fight with a Scorpion. The clan lived in poor conditions. Flora and fauna were dying on the clan's habitat and the rivers had been dry as long as could be remembered. Rai'uk blamed humans for these conditions and asked for the clan's help to bring back the water. The Li'ona clan, however, did not want to make war. Rai'uk went alone and destroyed the humans' dam, making the rivers run again. Upon his return, the Li'ona clan were joyous and grateful.

Conrad Olson attacked the Li'ona clan with several troops in retribution for Sean Wallen's death. Rai'uk stopped the attack and was offered to be part of the clan. He refused the offer and left to inform the Na'vi of the enemy inside.

The Li'ona clan appears in Wii/PSP version of the Avatar: The Game.



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