Flora Information


Na'vi Name



Cynaroidia decumbens


Roughly 2.5 meters


3.5 to 4.5 meters

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

Lionberries (Na'vi name: kllpxiwll meaning "ground sharp plant") are similar to thistle buds and hermit buds. The lionberry grows a cluster of flowers, an inflorence which resembles a single flower like the sunflower family on Earth. Samples of lionberry were taken to Earth with the thistle bud and hermit bud to study their genetic relationships and possible introduction to the Earth's ecosystem. The plant grows stems along the ground with cactus-like leaves as a defense against herbivores that would eat it. The seeds are large and a good source of protein.

Each flexible stem of a lionberry is topped by a single inflorescent bud that can grow to a giant size. The buds are composed largely of aerenchyma, tissue filled with air spaces, and in the low gravity on Pandora, are quite buoyant. Plants grow in patches, which gives the appearance of a garden of floating blue balloons.

Seeds are used for food and petals are used for paints.


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