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Ullvi maril'tsey mak'dini'to



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Hanging decoration





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The loom (Na'vi name: ulivi maril'tsey mak'dini'to) is a hanging decoration used by Na'vi. A loom shuttle is used in the weaving process. The weaving song is often sung while working at the loom.


While other Na'vi clans on Pandora organize themselves around carving or pottery, the Omaticaya are renowned for their brilliant textiles. Thus, the loom plays a key role in the daily life of the clan. The largest of the Omaticayan looms is more massive than a Terran pipe organ. This mas'kit nivi sa'nok, or "mother loom," is given a place of honor in the common area of Hometree.

Mother Loom

Mother Loom

The Na'vi word for loom, ulivi mari'tsey mak'dini'to, translates roughly into "branches of the tree look to each other for strength," or "many branches together are strong." Depending on the type of textile produced, the loom can also be referred to as Eywa s'ilivi mas'kit nivi (or just mas'kit nivi) which translates into "Eywa's wisdom is revealed to all of us." This evocation of Eywa is a clear indication of the loom's importance in Na'vi culture. It is also a compelling description of Eywa, who, in this context, is depicted as a kind of cosmic weaver who brings the disparate elements of Pandora together into a harmonious whole.

For the Omaticaya, time spent at the loom is just as much about the practice of the craft as it is about producing selfless joy. Each textile is the output of pure enjoyment and happiness. This energy is weaved into each brillian piece and can create a serene field of euphoria.[1]

Materials and ConstructionEdit

Framework of rope and wood suspended from branches of Hometree and secured to ground by simple wooden crank system.

Part of this framework can be seen as Grace Augustine is walking into the Omaticaya hometree.




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