M222 Grenade Launcher
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The M222 Grenade Launcher is a RDA-utilized powerful hand-held weapon that fires explosive projectiles. In Avatar: The Game, the RDA issues this weapon mainly to specialists who are able to use it to effectively destroy multiple enemy infantry targets, buildings or heavy armor. Though its slow rate of fire, reload speed and low clip size make it somewhat ineffective in prolonged close quarters fire fights, its portability means it can go everywhere the soldier goes. Specialists equipped with this weapon are often deployed in hot zones where the terrain does not allow for the use of heavy vehicles. This makes it crucial for the support of frontline troops, as it is strong enough to take down some of the larger creatures on Pandora. Several variations have been produced in response to the increasing use of warbeasts by the Na'vi, each design more powerful than the last.


In the game the player can carry a total of 20 grenade rounds, with a clip size that varies with each model. It has the highest damage output of all the weapons a player on the RDA side can acquire. However, it also has the slowest rate of fire out of all the weapons in the game. The various models available are listed below.

  • M222-I: damage 12/20, rate of fire 1/20, range 11/20, clip size 5 grenades
  • M222-II: damage 15/20, rate of fire 1/20, range 11/20, clip size 10 grenades
  • M222-III: damage 18/20, rate of fire 1/20, range 11/20, clip size 15 grenades
  • M222-IV: damage 20/20, rate of fire 1/20, range 11/20, clip size 20 grenades


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