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Mantis Orchid
Mantis Orchid
Flora Information


Na'vi Name



Pandorchidus insectoralis - insect-like Pandoran orchid


3.5 meters high


1.5 meters wide at base [1]

Behind the scenes
First appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The mantis orchid (Na'vi name: fwäkìwll) is so named after its mantis-like shape. The main difference between it and the Earth variety is that it can grow enormous in size. The orchid is only pollinated by one species of mantis. The two species co-evolved, resulting in their similar appearance and perfect fit between the mouth of the insect and the flower.


James Cameron's Avatar: The Game - Ingame Pandorapedia


  1. Pandorapedia - Pandorchidus insectoralis article
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