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Proximity Mine
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Explosive trap

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Behind the scenes
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

A Mine is an explosive trap meant to keep wild predators and enemy combatants from reaching the base or outpost they surround.

Types of MinesEdit

  • AMP Mines were used prior to 2152. They are flat explosives that AMP suits would hurl and detonate after a short delay. While the countdown is still ongoing, they can be lifted and moved. In that regard they function much like grenades.
  • Bounding Mines were used by RDA around year 2134 near some of their remote bases and mining operations.
  • Floating Mine is a version of Proximity Mine deployed around some of the bases in Floating Mountains, possibly to keep banshees and great leonopteryx away from bases.
  • Proximity Mine is a deadly remote weapon developed by the RDA. The powerful mine houses microscopic sensors that detect motion within a pre-determined radius. Anything moving within this radius will activate the device, triggering a powerful explosion.
  • Stun Mines are non-lethal mines that activate by detecting motion, deployed to stun predators or enemies.

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