4K Na'vi River Journey Queue & Ride Highlights - Pandora - The World of AVATAR04:28

4K Na'vi River Journey Queue & Ride Highlights - Pandora - The World of AVATAR

A highlight video featuring the queue area and portions of the ride

Na'vi River Journey is a ride in the theme park attraction Pandora: The World of Avatar.

In the ride, guests are taken on a canoe trip through the sacred Kaspavan River, located deep within the Mo'ara Valley's rainforest,[1] with Pandora's bioluminescent plants and wildlife on display. On the trip, guests find themselves in the middle of a musical Na'vi ceremony.[2] At the end of the ride, guests meet with the revered Na'vi Shaman of Songs, who has a deep connection with Pandora's life force and sends out positive energy with her music.[3] Part of the ride includes an encounter with viperwolves.[4] Woodsprites, flying fan lizards, prolemuris, sturmbeest, hexapede, and panopyra also make an appearance.[5][6] The reed boats seat eight passengers.[2]

The queue area for the ride features Na'vi textiles and totems of the Shaman. Above the queue is a map of the Kaspavan River, that changes during the night that shows moving lights that indicate Pandoran creatures moving down the river.[7]

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