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Na'vi Shield
Item Information
Na'vi Name




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Personal proctection, ceremonial use



Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide

The Na'vi shields (Na'vi name: m'resh'tuyu) are shields used for both personal protection and ceremonial purposes by the Na'vi.


Although the shields are effective as protection, their ceremonial use has become more and more important as battles between Na'vi clans have become mostly a thing of the past. All shields are highly decorated, but ceremonial versions are woven with traditional patterns that depict a story from Na'vi history or mythology.

Many symbols are abstract images of the protective power of Eywa or of heroic ancestors. Newer shields depict images of human gunships (or kunsip to the Na'vi) and AMP suits.

Materials and ConstructionEdit

The shields consist of a wood structure held together with highly decorative woven materials. These materials include animal skin (including hexapede), plant fibers, twine, shells, and wood.


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