North Gate
North Gate
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James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

The North Gate is an area in the Blue Lagoon region on Pandora. It is located just to the west of the Landing Zone. It is safest to move around the area by Buggy, particularly because of the viperwolves that reside here, although traversing the area as a Na'vi is fairly safe due to their speed, agility, and strength. The area is home to several species of plant including the vein pod and helicoradian.

James Cameron's Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder passed through this area on his way to help Dalton. There are several helicoradians in one particular part of the area, just before a dead end circle. In this circle, Ryder set a signal on a Na'vi village. He had been told that the signal was to track Na'vi activity, but was instead used to signal a Dragon Assault Ship to target and destroy the village.

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