Northern Mountains
Northern Mountains
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The Northern Mountains are a mountain range in the north east of the Plains of Goliath. They overlook the surrounding areas of Delta Line and Central Command. They are not connected to the southern half of the plains; the only way to reach them is by ikran. The RDA has set up a Mountain Base in the northernmost part, and the Tipani clan has a lookout posted on the south eastern edge of the mountains.

Avatar: The Game Edit

If allied with the RDA, Able Ryder journeys to the RDA Mountain Base in the Northern Mountains, which is the SecOps' primary staging area in that section of the Plains of Goliath. Ryder journeys here to receive orders from one of the RDA's commanders, Savoy, in regards to the termination of Na'vi leader Raltaw, who is located in Din Da'alo Village. Also, Colonel Quaritch is met by a human Ryder in the Northern Mountains.

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