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The Outskirts are an area on the edge of Vayaha Village. Situated in the northeast of the settlement, it is a narrow gulf backing into waterfalls. A number of rocky platforms stick out of the water, on which the native fire weed grows.

Avatar: The GameEdit

Able Ryder was sent to the area by Marali in order to retrieve a sample of fire weed. He did so to gain the trust of Beyda'amo, although he was not impressed by it. Ryder had to shoot a hermit bud to knock stones into place so he could reach the plant. Just after he picked it, a group of human mercenaries attacked the village, and he aided in the defense. It was one of several small skirmishes that preluded the Battle of Vayaha Village.

He later flew through the area on his banshee, as part of his learning to fly.

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