The official logo of the Pandora Conservation Initiative

The Pandora Conservation Initiative (PCI) is a habitat conservation focused group that studies and helps protect the natural world of Pandora. The collective consists of xenobiologists, scientists, and conservationists concentrated on researching all aspects of Pandoran ecology.[1]

A major focus of PCI's work is habitat restoration and improvement. Many years after the Resources Development Administration left Pandora, the moon is still recovering from the aftermath of the RDA's unethical mining practices and other environmental damage.[1] PCI researchers use Pandora Utility Suits to collect samples and do research while protecting themselves from the moon's many hazards. PCI also does science communications outreach to people on and off of Pandora, including:

  • Utility Suit pilots offering demonstrations and participating in outreach
  • The Mountain Banshee Project allowing tourists to experience the Iknimaya rite of passage as a guest and explore their laboratory facility.[2]

A special PCI subunit lead by Dr. Jaclyn Ogden has taken over the Avatar Program, refining and advancing the technology that allows tourists to link to an avatar without a link unit. Dr. Ogden invented the link chair, which allows drivers to link to a avatar already in flight on a banshee.[3][4]

Known members Edit

  • Marshall Lamm (Member of PCI Board of Directors)
  • Fitsimi Buckley (Lead PCI Scientist Tracking and Cataloguing)
  • Rue Ansari (Banshee Expert)
  • Dr. Jaclyn Ogden (Head of the Avatar Program and banshee researcher)
  • Dr. Stevens (Mountain Banshee Project Scientist)

References Edit

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