Thank you for flying Air Pandora.

- Trudy Chacon upon arrival at Site 26 in the Hallelujah Mountains

IMG 0949
Samson 16
Machine Information
Created by


Used by



Transporting science equipment and personnel

  • 15.9 meters long
  • 14.99 wide

Max. 144 Knots

Behind the scenes
First appearance


Samson 16, Rogue One or Maya was an Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson ship, piloted by Trudy Chacon and used mostly for science missions, as well as the escape from Hell's Gate. Samson 16 was destroyed by Colonel Quaritch's Dragon Assault Ship during the Assault on the Tree of Souls, killing Trudy.


It was equipped with normal Samson weaponry: a pair of door-mounted MBS-9M Hydras, M60 Machine Guns and missile pods. It had a tiger painted on the front-right side under the cockpit window (similar in location to the dragon painted on Quaritch's Dragon Gunship), and was given Na'vi war paint during the assault.


Trudy piloting Maya.

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