Item Information
Na'vi Name

Srä (sash)



Used by

Na'vi of the Tawkami Clan


Clothing, status symbol


Blue, orange, yellow and red

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

Toruk - The First Flight promotional website

The Sash is a symbol of achievement among the Tawkami Clan. It is awarded to alchemists, and is a celebration of ongoing studies and indicate level of competence. The more colorful the sash, the more experienced the alchemist.

At the start of training, all apprentices are given a basic sash to wear around their waist. The first lesson is identification. There are thousands of plants, herbs, and seeds native to Pandora. Once identification is mastered, education moves on to learning various potion formulae. With every level reached, a different colored strip of fabric is added to the sash.[1]



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